Modern Pirate Sea Salt Spray

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‘Cool Water” Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

Why: Demand has driven the development of this product with consumers and Barbers seeking an easy way to get that “beach hair’ no fuss, textured look.

What: Our Sea Salt Spray is a product that helps to style hair into that wet, messy, “beachy” look we all love. It gives hair textured waves and volume due to the salt component in the spray.

About: This product brings a fresh, unique twist on the traditional sea salt spray, helping to mimic the effect of ocean spray and sand on the hair. The sandalwood scent is a Modern Pirate favorite, complimenting our fragrance profiles across the range.

  • Adds volume and texture

  • Mimics the effect of sea salt

  • Added Celtic salt for extra texture

  • Naturally enhanced with Pomegranate seed extract and Vitamin E

  • Beachy, sandalwood scent

  • Epson salts (keeps hair from drying out)